Standard Data Formats

Passport APIs leverage standard data formats for common elements that are fairly ubiquitous across the platform. When possible, these schema’s will adopt industry standard specifications and values for global data elements.

Dates and Times

Timestamps, dates, and times that are included in an API will follow the format defined in RFC 3339.

  • The time delimiter, “T” will be included to separate the date and time elements when both are present
  • Timestamps and dates will always be represented in UTC time unless otherwise noted by the API

Currency values

Currency fields will be represented as a JSON object that contains an amount and a currency code. The amount will be a string data type in the base denomination of the applied currency. The amount will include whatever decimal precision is required by the value. As an example, in USD a parking fee of two dollars and 50 cents will be represented as the following:

"parking_fee": {
  "currency_code": "USD",
  "amount": "2.50"

When a fraction of an amount is included, there will be a leading zero before the sub-units. i.e. “0.05”

Multiple values

If there are multiple related amounts included in an API, those amounts may be grouped within an object and include more descriptive labels with a single currency code element:

"fees": {
  "convenience_fee": "0.75",
  "parking_fee": "2.50",
  "tax": "1.00",
  "currency_code": "USD"

Currency codes

Currency codes will be returned as the three digit alphabetic ISO 4217 code (in uppercase).