The Passport immobilization API provides a way to register an immobilization device that has been applied to a vehicle. This would be completed after the vehicle has received multiple parking violations and is deemed eligible to receive such a device that would require all outstanding violations to be paid. These APIs provide a standard interface to create immobilization records and lookup quotes that return back the total outstanding amount of fees related to violations issued to an immobilized vehicle.


An immobilization record within Passport’s system can transition linearly through several status depending on the actions taken by an enforcement officer applying an immobilization, the citation recipient paying outstanding violations, and the immobilization device being returned to the client.

Identifying Outstanding Vehicles

You can use the Retrieve a quote API and provide a variety of filters to search for a vehicle within the Passport system. This API will return back a value of all oustanding citations that represent the outstanding balance that is due.

Immobilization Deployed

After an immobilization device has been applied to a vehicle, you should create an immobilization record in the Passport system using the Create an immobilization API. Once an immobilization has been created for a vehicle, Passport will automatically assign a payable immobilization fee that can be paid within the Passport system.

Once you have registered an immobilization device against a vehicle, the immobilization will be in the Deployed status. After all citations have been paid along with the immobilization fee, the immobilization record will transition to the Released status.

If you have an smart device that is used in the immobillization process and would like to discuss options where Passport is able to automatically unlock the immobilization after all citations have been paid, please reach out to your contacts at Passport and we can explore additional capabilities.

Immobilization Retrieval

After an immobilization device has been removed from the vehicle and is returned, you will need to update the Passport system using the Update an existing immobilization API. Failing to update the Passport system may result in an late return fee being accessed against the vehicle which can result in additional fines. After an immobilization has been updated, the status of that immobilization will be Returned.

Deleting Immobilizations

If you have deployed an immobilization device to a vehicle and would like to reverse this decision, you may use the Delete an existing immobilization API. This should not be used to mark an immobilization as being returned and should only be used if an immobilization device was placed on a vehicle and needs to be removed before any action is taken by the vehicle owner.